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Animated Logo Studies


Welcome back to our Cool Stories, in which we’ll show a bit more about our most recent in-house developments.More specifically, we are developing particle simulations and special effects on our own company logo. (Check us out on instagram as well:

Initially, we went back and studied our own logo and ways to animate it.

A few of our early logo studies

A few of our early logo studies

Most of these were created in 3D Studio and Vray, and/or After Effects. We are developing the more intricate animations with ‘Tyflow’ , a particle plugin for 3D studio. It allows us to create just about anything we can imagine, which is a lot.

We studied a ‘ flip’ effect in more detail: a few tests are shown below:

C-study with flipping surface and environmental fog

Next, we developed the below Candy-Look , which is super playful, in contrast to our earlier studies. It inspired us to set up a second shot (with a candy-slide, see below), and we are developing a third shot as we speak.

We hope you enjoyed this post!

Check us out on instagram as well: