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Camera Tracking - Chapter 1: our robot returns

Welcome to the third chapter of our story about giant scene setup.

Today, we’ll sidetrack off our main Giant Scene story-line, and discuss a camera tracking / compositing project. Although seemingly very different, there are many similarities in approach between the two projects.

In our new video, we placed a 3d flying robot in a video, shot with an iPhone, in our office. Check it out:

Last year, we were fortunate enough to team up with our clients on a very similar 3d compositing project. Artie was launched to support the new Kyrie5 basketball shoe, and we at Cool District provided the 3d footage, compositing and animations for this advertising piece, for Laundry Service.

We wanted to show our readers a peak behind the curtains of a production like the above. Check out the video below. It will show you the main steps of the project (in under a minute).

The video below shows the Blackbird Car Rig. Cool District has one on it’s wish list for next Christmas. It is used for all kinds of 3D car capture, and it is just really dope. Check it out:

Thank you for reading / watching!

Teun Ruijssenaars

Creative Director