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Realistic Clothing - Chapter 1: Introduction

By Derick Flory, 3d artist at Cool District

At Cool District, we work with a number of sports and apparel brands to realize concepts and bring them to life through digital 3D mediums. This includes realistic clothing and mannequins. We use a plethora of software packages to achieve great results. Today's story shows a little bit of the current and most high-end solutions in our industry (like fabric simulations in Marvelous Designer). Scroll down for a making-of video.

In this chapter, we start with references and create clothing based on real life sewing patterns. By creating things this way, we get more realistic cloth simulation and can easily update and make changes. These patterns allow us more succinct control over the rest of the process.


Using digital sculpting clean up (ZBrush) and fabric types/textures based on real-life examples, the process of creating realistic apparel can be achieved to a high-level end product.

With this process, we can create multiple variations of the apparel, based on client feedback as well.