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Motion and Particles - Chapter 1: Introduction.

By Jade Stewart - 3D artist at Cool District

At Cool District we work closely with a number of brands, primarily in the sports industry, to create visualizations of new spaces and installations before they are built. But we can do much more than that, and we are passionate about it. We decided to channel that passion into an advertising storytelling piece around motion. In this, and the following few chapters of this story, we will take you along on our journey towards making it happen.

*** If you are into 3d (and have 3dStudioMax), and you would like to learn how to shape-shift with particles: just download our tutorial PDF here ***

One of our early tests into particles and motion

The concept for this sequence emerged organically: we were just simply looking into shape transformations with particles. As we began to better understand what could be done with particles, it was time to focus our efforts on figuring out ways to make those possibilities into realities on screen.

In the following chapters, we will be focusing on these topics:

  • Story-boarding

  • Motion Capture and Animated Bodies

  • Particles in 3d

  • Final Compositing

3d Motion Capture data is available to purchase online

Initially, we had almost no experience in creating dynamic particle simulations. So, we learned how to create them, constrain them to an object, and how to shift the particles between volumes. Once we had learned those things, we purchased motion capture data to create the basketball motion: we took this motion capture data, applied it to a character rig in 3DSMax, and then linked our particles to that same character.


At first, our basic particle tests were not very successful

As we move forward with this project, we will explain the steps we are taking, and take you along as we work towards the final result.

Thank you for reading!

-Jade Stewart

Software used for this project

Software used for this project